From Friday, June 11, 2021, the bus shuttle will be back in action ...

... please remember the hygiene regulations and purchase the ticket online in advance. Tickets cannot be sold on the bus.

Visitors to the Hohenzollern Castle can reach their destination in comfortable and reliable public transport. From Hechingen Train Station and the city center a regular bus service runs to the castle's visitor parking.

Bus stops for the bus to the Hohenzollern Castle are marked with this logo: Pendelbus

For visitors to the castle the bus company HVB Wiest + Schürmann operates a shuttle bus from the car park to the castle's gate operating during the opening times of the castle.

By bus you can reach the Hohenzollern Castle at the following times:

From Hechingen railway station by bus to the parking lot Hohenzollern Castle:
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday09:259:40
29 April - 15 OctoberSunday/bank holiday12:3312:48
01 April - 31 Octoberdaily13:2513:40
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday14:3014:45
29 April - 15 OctoberSSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday16:3016:45


From the parking lot Hohenzollern Castle by bus to Hechingen railway station:
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday10:5911:13
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday12:5913:13
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday14:1614:30
All-seasonMonday - Friday16:0516:24
All-seasonSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday16:1616:30
29 April - 15 OctoberSaturday/Sunday17:1517:30
01 April - 31 OctoberSaturday/Sunday/bank holiday17:3517:48
01 April - 31 Octoberdaily18:3518:48


Fares of Naldo-Tariff are applicable.

Shuttle bus from the parking to the castle

HVB Wiest & Schürmann offers a shuttle bus service for the route between the parking lot and Eagle'S gate, the castle entrance gate. The shuttle bus station is right beside the souvenir shop at the parking lot P1. Parking lot P2 (lower parking lot) is open if necessary and then connected with the shuttle bus service.

Please notice:

The shuttle bus stops at the Eagle's Gate (castle entrance). From the Eagle's Gate up to the courtyard it is a 350 metres walk through the impressive ramp complex (partially cobblestone). Information for guests with walking disabilities you find on the website of Hohenzollern castle in the section General Information.

During summer season (16 March - 31 October) a shuttle bus is in operation, which can carry up to 20 people. During winter season (01 November - 15 March) 20-seaters are only on service during weekends and school holidays. On all other days the shuttle bus carries a maximum of 8 people per trip. Accodingly, larger groups are carried in several trips. The driving time between the car park and Eagle's gate is about 6 minutes.

The shuttle bus operates:

during summer season (March 16 - October 31) daily from 9:45 to 18:30,
during winter season (01. November - 15. March) daily from 10.00 to 17.30.
(Weather-related restrictions are possible.)

December 24: Castle closed
December 31: 10:00 - 15:30
01. January: 11:00 - 17:30

Tickets for the shuttle bus you get at the bus driver. Tickets for Hohenzollern Castle you get at the parking lot shop next to the shuttle bus station. Entrance fees


Tour groups are kindly requested to contact the bus company HVB Wiest & Schürmann directly at +49 (0) 7471-93500 or by e-mail at reise(at)



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