Getting to Hohenzollern Castle by bus

FAQ regarding castle shuttle traffic

Included in the castle ticket price - no EXTRA costs for the bus

Show ticket and board

The price for the shuttle bus is already included in the castle ticket. 

Please show your ticket when boarding the bus, so you can get on easily. 

The shuttle bus will take you from the visitor parking lot to the Adlertor, where you can get off. A few meters further up is the entrance to Hohenzollern Castle.

Departure is below the Adlertor at the turnaround area (same as entrance), please pay attention here - get off first, then get on.

Also please pay attention that the bus will not let you get off until it is completely stopped, thank you very much.

We wish you a good trip & a wonderful stay at Hohenzollern Castle!


There is no extra - timetable for the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus runs according to demand

P1 castle parking lot

The entry and exit point of the shuttle bus at the P1 castle parking lot is located between the kiosk entrance and the toilet stall. If the P1 parking lot is full, the shuttle bus will go to the P2 parking lot via the P1 parking lot (drop-off). If the P1 parking lot is full, the staff of Hohenzollern Castle will inform the shuttle drivers.


The shuttle bus boarding and disembarking point is located at the turnaround area at the Adlertor. If there is no bus when you arrive, please ring the bell at the bus stop located there. The shuttle bus will then be informed.

Ascent and departure of the shuttle traffic

The first ascent to the Adlertor is at 11:00 am  
The last departure from the Adlertor is at 17:30 - please note that only one vehicle is allocated to Hohenzollern Castle in the period up to the Easter vacations (until 22.03.24)

Travel time

The pure driving time of the ascent and departure is approx. 15 minutes.

Turnaround area

Please do not wait in the turnaround area. Guests coming from the parking lot will get off first, then you can enter the bus with the QR ticket. Afterwards the bus will turn around and go downstairs. The shuttle buses have a reversing camera, however, please help with your behavior that there could be no unnecessary dangerous situations, thank you very much.

If there is no bus available for departure when you arrive at the Adlertor, we ask you for a little patience, you are welcome to use the installed bell at the stop set up at the Adlertor, so that the Signa can get to the vehicle for pick-up. 

The cost of the scheduled rides is not included in the ticket price for Hohenzollern Castle. 

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Regular service between Hechingen and Hohenzollern Castle

306 Hechingen train station - Hohenzollern Castle pdf


Jörg Schürmann

Tel.: 07471/9350-0


Sandra Kast

Tel.: 07471/9350-0